Michigan, USA


Latitude: 44.5917, Longitude: -85.025


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jennie A  Abt 1882Michigan, USA I4433
2 Leona  Abt 1889Michigan, USA I20152
3 Allis, Eunice F  Abt 1906Michigan, USA I10544
4 Avery, James H  Abt 1903Michigan, USA I4435
5 Avery, Joseph W  Abt 1901Michigan, USA I4434
6 Avery, Roy M  Abt 1876Michigan, USA I4432
7 Avery, Ted Sherman  16 Aug 1906Michigan, USA I4410
8 Baird, Elsie  Mar 1860Michigan, USA I6680
9 Barnes, Emmet L  Abt 1910Michigan, USA I8819
10 Barnes, Guy A  Abt 1897Michigan, USA I8815
11 Barnes, Henry L  Abt 1905Michigan, USA I8817
12 Barnes, Mary E  Abt 1898Michigan, USA I8816
13 Barnes, Violet M  Abt 1907Michigan, USA I8818
14 Beebe, Howard L  Abt 1898Michigan, USA I4034
15 Breese, Kittie A  Abt 1874Michigan, USA I21755
16 Brigham, George Willis  10 Jul 1892Michigan, USA I3322
17 Burg, Norman Joseph Sr  Michigan, USA I731
18 Button, Harry O  1890Michigan, USA I15646
19 Clayton, Mary E  Abt 1867Michigan, USA I17462
20 Clayton, William  Abt 1864Michigan, USA I17461
21 Coughlin, Helen T  1902Michigan, USA I20132
22 Coughlin, John F  1900Michigan, USA I20131
23 Coughlin, Patrick A  1904Michigan, USA I20133
24 Cusick, Bernard  1904Michigan, USA I20142
25 Cusick, Cathleen Bernadette  23 Jul 1910Michigan, USA I20097
26 Cusick, Ilene  1908Michigan, USA I20143
27 Dean, Electa W  20 Feb 1838Michigan, USA I4267
28 Dedrick, Anna Maria  Mar 1855Michigan, USA I18876
29 Erickson, Esther C  Abt 1901Michigan, USA I797
30 Fike, Gracia B  Abt 1884Michigan, USA I6688
31 Gear, Allen Dale  12 Dec 1938Michigan, USA I14097
32 Growe, Harry E  Abt 1902Michigan, USA I12984
33 Hendrick, Rex  1915Michigan, USA I20752
34 Houghtaling, Henry  Michigan, USA I1222
35 Hudzinski, Mary D  Abt 1893Michigan, USA I4481
36 LaValley, Exerille Marie  Feb 1869Michigan, USA I8901
37 Lindloff, Anna  May 1891Michigan, USA I1685
38 Lindloff, Frieda Marie  Mar 1889Michigan, USA I1781
39 Lovejoy, Hattie L  3 Mar 1909Michigan, USA I20109
40 Lovejoy, Lois May  1910Michigan, USA I20187
41 Masterson, Paulina  4 Jan 1870Michigan, USA I20138
42 Meachum, Anna J  29 Jan 1895Michigan, USA I6681
43 Meachum, Bert C  Abt 1885Michigan, USA I6689
44 Metiva, Helen  Abt 1905Michigan, USA I15891
45 Metiva, James Albert  1871Michigan, USA I662
46 Miller, Walter M Sr  Abt 1898Michigan, USA I6829
47 Moffit, Ella  Michigan, USA I1223
48 Muck, Adam  Michigan, USA I2321
49 Ochampaugh, Evangeline  Apr 1898Michigan, USA I6683
50 Ochampaugh, Joel  Jun 1891Michigan, USA I6682

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cusick, Cathleen Bernadette  10 Dec 1994Michigan, USA I20097
2 Mouder, Elizabeth  Between 1870 and 1880Michigan, USA I4265
3 Reese, Henry  1851Michigan, USA I4264
4 Taylor, Phoebe W  3 Jun 1848Michigan, USA I4294


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Clayton / Waldron  13 Feb 1863Michigan, USA F1545
2 Warren / LaDuke  15 Apr 1944Michigan, USA F8210


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   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Meachum / Little  19 Feb 1917Michigan, USA F2330

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