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151 Cancer Dean, Electa W (I4267)
152 Car Accident Hansen, Mark Lester (I4924)
153 Car Accident Mannie, Maralyn Yvonne (I7127)
154 Car Accident House, Sara Louise (I10174)
155 Car Accident Bauguess, Ted Melvin (I14194)
156 Car Crash Mayhak, Austin M (I29)
157 Cayuse, Walla Walla & Umatilla Indian Per the Indian Rolls Kittson, Selena Marie (I6540)
158 Charged by King James V of witchcraft and burned alive at the stake Douglas, Janet Lady Glamis (I14819)
159 Cockacoeske was known to have a son who was called Captain John West. Based on the name, and the gossip at the time that he was the "son of an English colonel," the assumption is he's either the son of John West (1590-1659) or his son John West (1632-1691). West, John Captain (I17834)
160 Complications from surgery Bing, Carol Palmer (I5109)
161 Dannebod Cemetery Nielsen, Maren Sophie K (I346)
162 Diphtheria Parker, Phoebe Jane (I5475)
163 Drowned Davis, Ralph Rayford (I7194)
164 Drowned in lake Anderson, Patricia Ann (I15920)
165 Evergreen Hill Cemetery Pride, Robert Cassious (I594)
166 First couple to be married in the Pass-a-Grille area of Saint Petersburg Family (F640)
167 Florida Department of Health. Florida Divorce Index, 1927-2001. Jacksonville, FL, USA: Florida Department of Health. Source (S1420)
168 Florida Department of Health. Florida Divorce Index, 1927-2001. Jacksonville, FL, USA: Florida Department of Health. Source (S1437)
169 Florida Department of Health. Florida Divorce Index, 1927-2001. Jacksonville, FL, USA: Florida Department of Health. Source (S2099)
170 Former Mistress - Their children were legitimized by decree of Richard II, but not allowed to inherit the throne Family (F4119)
171 Fort Bliss National Cemetery Mayhak, Delmur Roy Sr (I294)
172 Fort Snelling National Cemetery Lindahl, Milton Wallace (I46)
173 Fort Snelling National Cemetery Burhite, Ernest Ray (I886)
174 Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Section 4, Site 225, US ARMY, TEC 5, WORLD WAR II Jensen, Melvin Kenneth (I434)
175 Furreby By in Børglum Sogn Sørensen, Leopold Arnold (I444)
176 Greenwood Cemetery McCaskey, James Richard (I34)
177 Hanged for murder of John Busbridge Fiennes, Thomas 9th Baron Dacre (I12872)
178 Hanged, drawn and quartered Graham, James 5th Earl of Montrose Marquis of Montrose (I10948)
179 He was born in Beaverdam Township, which is now part of Canton. Hall, Elisha James P (I397)
180 Held at The White House during Andrew Jackson's presidency. (Mary Anne Eastin was the grand-niece of Rachel Donelson Jackson.) Family (F2131)
181 His birth certificate shows he was named Homer originally, but just 3 months later, the 1910 Census in April shows him being called Bennie (short for Benjamin Franklin) and he used some form of that name for the rest of his life, including for Social Security. Mayhak, Homer (I424)
182 Holy Trinity Cemetery Ronspiez, William Herman (I909)
183 Idaho. Department of Health and Welfare. State Birth Index. Idaho Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics, Boise, Idaho. Source (S2056)
184 Infection of Lungs Waldron, Romain (I4329)
185 Influenza Isenhower, Charles Gordon (I10132)
186 Influenza Isenhower, Henry Harold (I10146)
187 It was originally called Coteau-Landing, Monteregie Region, Quebec, Canada, but it was merged with other areas into Les Coteaux and included in Vaudreuil-Solanges. Sauvage, Catherine (I3039)
188 Kenai City Cemetery White, Bernard Dale (I391)
189 Kenai City Cemetery Sorensen, Norma Jean (I446)
190 Kidney cancer Stevenin, Leslie Jean (I8601)
191 Killed by railroad train Yeatman, Henry Clay Sr (I6159)
192 Killed in Action Mead, Vernon Ward (I6874)
193 Kontraministerialbog 1812-1918, Rigsarkivet, Danmark. Source (S142)
194 Kontraministerialbog 1812-1918, Rigsarkivet, Danmark. Source (S431)
195 Kontraministerialbog 1812-1918, Rigsarkivet, Danmark. Source (S442)
196 Kontraministerialbog 1812-1918, Rigsarkivet, Danmark. Source (S2152)
197 Kontraministerialbog 1812-1918, Rigsarkivet, Danmark. Source (S2158)
198 Kontraministerialbog 1812-1918, Rigsarkivet, Danmark. Source (S2159)
199 Kontraministerialbog 1812-1918, Rigsarkivet, Danmark. Source (S2193)
200 Kontraministerialbog 1812-1918, Rigsarkivet, Danmark. Source (S2211)

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